Image by Guilherme Maggieri

Former Czech tennis player

-David Rikl

"When I tried Biomat for the first time, I was shocked. In just ten minutes, I felt a huge warmth deep in my body. Although the temperature was very high, my skin did not feel burning. After an hour, my whole body Muscles but feels very comfortable, but the time when I feel the biggest change in the body is that night-my legs also feel warm, you know, my legs have been suffering from cold for many years, often cold until dawn. Now I have been using BioMat mattresses for many years, and I feel the best using the mattress all night. I bought a King Size mattress with my wife Adriana, and the two of them fell asleep very spacious. The pain in the elbow joint has also been cured inadvertently, and a few weeks before using Biomat, I still couldn't sleep because of the pain. Thank you, BioMat Biotherapy Mattress!